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Privacy: Exam-Guru undertakes not to share the User’s information with any company or individual which are not part of the Exam-Guru Group, unless permission has been granted by the User. User information on Exam-Guru’s server is protected to the best of Exam-Guru’s technical ability, however information may be compromised due to hacking, or other eventualities out of Exam-Guru’s control, in which case Exam-Guru will not be held liable. For security purposes, Exam-Guru does not store any credit-card information.
Data back-ups: Exam-Guru backs up selected data for Exam-Guru’s own purposes.
Prices: Exam-Guru reserves the right to adjust the prices of services and/or products at Exam-Guru’s sole discretion. Price changes will be posted on www.exam-guru.com, effective immediately upon posting.
Advertising: Advertising may be displayed on free exams, accounts or Training Institutes in the sole discretion of Exam-Guru.
Intellectual Property Rights: Exam-Guru reserves all intellectual property rights (including copyright) in the Site, the material and the services and products.
Termination: Exam-Guru reserves the right to disable any account in Exam’s Guru’s sole discretion.
Liability: Exam-Guru accepts no liability whatsoever to any User or third party for the functioning of Exam-Guru software, User’s data protection, loss of User’s data, any indirect or consequential losses or damages caused by the use, interpretation, application or incorrect or fraudulent use, interpretation or application of Exam-Guru’s services and/or products.
Indemnity: The User indemnifies Exam-Guru against all claims from third parties for intellectual property infringement, including copyright, for any data posted by the User on the Site.
I agree that Exam-Guru may use my results for training and promotional purposes, which include the on-line viewing of my certificate.
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