Exam Management

Creating and managing exams has never been this easy and fun.

When it comes to reporting, we like to keep you up-to-date with everything that is going on in your training institute.

Exam management

  • 1. Exams

    Exam-Guru gives you the ability to create any type of exam to meet your needs. You can randomize questions & multiple choice answers, pause exams, enforce time limits, and much more. Students can also review their results to see where they went wrong.

  • 2. Questions

    Our questions types are:

    • Multiple-choice (commonly known as monkey-puzzles)
    • Multiple correct-choices (more than one valid option)
    • Match the columns
  • 3. Questions with embedded content

    The following embedded content is offered:

    • YouTube videos
    • SoundCloud audio
    • External links
    • Microsoft Word Documents
    • Images (PNG, JPG)