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Cost section:

  • Simple pricing.
  • One credit = one exam can be written by a student.
  • No hidden fees/costs.
  • Affordable price.
  • Price for one credit = 0.99(USD). Enterprise bulk pricing available on request.
  • Payments are safe.
  • Paypal enabled for your ease and protection.
  • Cancel at any time.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Credits expire in 12 months from purchase.
  • 14 day trial available on registration.
  • No credit card or payment required for registration.
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  • Easy to use interface with countless features.
  • Interface works on most modern browsers.
  • Interface is mobile friendly.
  • Paperless exam system (save the trees and the planet).
  • Excellent technical support.
  • 14 day trial available on registration.
  • No credit card required or payment required for registration.

Create exams

  • UNLIMITED number of exams can be created.
  • Students can pause exams (based on exam setup).
  • Students can review their answers to see where they went wrong (based on exam setup).
  • Configure an exam timer or disable the timer (based on exam setup).
  • Exam results are immediately available to students after writing the exam.
  • Exam pass rate and rate required for proven attendance is configurable.
  • Controlled classroom, closed book exams – restrict IP addresses to classrooms that can write the exams (based on exam setup).
  • Randomize exam questions (based on exam setup).
  • Versioning: Create a new draft of an active exam and publish this when you are ready. Unpublished exam drafts are not visible to students until published. Exams are versioned to keep track of changes.

Create questions

  • UNLIMITED number of questions can be created.
  • Embedded question content allowed:
    • YouTube
    • SoundCloud
    • External link
    • Uploaded files (jpg, png, docx)
  • Multiple choice, multiple correct choices and match the column. Enquire about other question types here.
  • Marks per question configurable.
  • Multiple line questions.
  • Randomized answers.

Writing exams

  • Keyboard shortcuts allow students to write exams fast and easily.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Result are available and communicated immediately upon completion of an exam.
  • An interrupted session can be resumed (ie. internet connection drops).
  • Download certificates upon completion (see reports section).
  • Navigate back and forward on questions.
  • Disable copy/paste of exams, questions and answers.
  • Secure.

Automated communication

  • Automatically send exam result notifications to the relevant student.
  • Automatically send exam result notification to examinators.
  • Automatically send reminders to students about upcoming exams.

Student registration

  • Invite students by supplying their email address, they can then self-register (saves you time).


  • UNLIMITED number of exam administrators are allowed


  • Certificates are automatically available upon the completion of an exam (see reports section).